Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Free Microsoft Points

And other diversions from Amazon. Recently, after getting a shiny 250gb Xbox 360 I've been attempting to find ways to collect Microsoft points without having to buy cards or from the dashboard.

The easiest way I have found is through Points2Shop (this link takes you via my referral, It would help me a great deal if you signed up from this as I would get bonus points. Why not sign up through me and then get your friends to use your referral link?), Points2shop operates by having you take surveys, watch videos and complete offers all in order to earn points. These points can be redeemed with Amazon allowing you to buy books etc... including Xbox game cards preloaded with points.

At the minute due to level restrictions (I'm currently 'New', you will have to be 'Bronze' level or above in order to order an email of the Microsoft points code) I need to verify a home address, This is done by ordering a shipped item. Currently I'm waiting on delivery of two books and once there dispatched I should be able to continue with ordering as much MS Points as I need.

To give you and idea of how much points etc.. things cost, MS Points are 1800 for 800ms, 1950 for 1200ms and 2900 for 2100ms, roughly, it can fluctuate. So far I have earned close to the 1800 point mark after only having it for a few days.

The best way I have found to make points is by downloading the app (25pts right there) and then using flurry from the app to download further apps, these mostly require you to install and open the app and can range from 3pts to 50pts. The other method I like to use is completing reoccurring tasks, these mainly take the form of checking questions and answers, seeing that they are spelled correctly etc... these are mostly worth around $0.13 which can be exchange into 13pts.

You can complete surveys which can earn you around the 100pt mark, however i found that i was disqualified from most of these (around 70% of the time) due to my profile not matching what they needed.

Overall it is money for free and its hard to moan about that. If your considering joining please use my referral link. Thank you.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Paper Geek #2

I was reading some old MAKE magazines yesterday and stumbled across a bit of paper craft, more specifically an nice little origami trick to make and envelope. Now if only I had a pen pal to send one too.

Step 1,
These are nice and easy to make all you need is a piece of A4 paper, start with the paper in portrait and fold it horizontally in half, fig. 1

fig. 1

Step 2,
Fold the bottom right and top left corner into the middle, fig. 2

fig. 2

Step 3,
Fold in each of the remaining straight edges so that they line up with inside folds, fig. 3

fig. 3

Step 4,
Fold in the bottom left and top right corners diagonally to create a rectangle, fig. 4

fig. 4

Final step,
Now tuck the edges into the flaps, fig. 5, and there you have your very own handmade origami envelope. Now go forth and correspond.

fig. 5

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sega Master System Dock

A while ago I posted this, a iPhone Dock made using a classic NES controller. I thought damn Stephen you need to gets you one of those, so today I've had been trying to put together my very own classic controller docking station. The main deviation from the linked guide is simply the choice of what pad to use, I was always a SEGA kid and since my old Master System gave up the ghost I have kept it around not really wanting to throw it away, this gave me the perfect opportunity to stop it collecting dust and re-purpose part of it.

What you need is a few basic tools such as, a small screw driver, Knife and a small hacksaw. In addition you'll need a iPhone USB lead and a Control Pad.

fig, 1
First unscrew the small screws on the back of the control pad, usually four or five, and remove the contents. Keep the screws safely to one side we will be needing them later, they are small so you don't want to lose them.

fig, 2
Cut the wires connecting the flex to the two chip boards, keep these boards safe as they will need to go back into the unit in order for the buttons to still press in and out. Clean out the top half of the unit and cut a hole with a knife, once you have an opening big enough you can remove the hacksaw blade pass it through the hole in the controller, re attache the blade and cut the plastic to shape. Knives and saws are sharp, so please be careful with this step. Once the hole is wide enough you can thread the lead through (fig, 3).

fig, 3
Now in order for the pad to look ultra cool we want the flex to fit through the hole in the pad originally meant for the lead that plugs into the console. This is fiddly but realistically quite easy to achieve, there should be a screw peg on the inside of the case, the flex will be able to snake around this and run through the half circle at the back (fig, 4).

fig, 4
Once this is in place you can insert the buttons and chips, make sure everything fits nicely and screw the back of the pad back into place. Congratulations you now have one awesome iPhone dock.

Finished dock from the front,
and from the back.

And with an iPod plugged in and charging, had to use my phone for the pics.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Touch my Gameboy

So if you had a nice new tablet what would be the first thing you do?

Obviously it's to install a Gameboy colour emulator and play Pokemon yellow.

I used an app called John GBC Lite, available from Google Play.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Paper Geek

Boredom in the office and access to the internet leads to terrible things, terrible but creative. Today I came across this, a paper iPod dock, which i thought was pretty cool indeed. I rustled up a quick version, however paper doesn't really work quite as well as card should. Very collapsible.

Template for the paper dock, A PDF is available Here
 This got me looking for other alternative paper docks, the German website DATENSTRUDEL offers this take on a paper dock. I really like this version, though it requires a digital clock app to get the full on effect, no free PDF's for this either.

I found a few, different lo-tech variations on the docking theme, including this rather cool Lego creation and an ingenious new use for the iPhone box itself,

But the master and king of all DIY iPhone docks has to be without doubt this, a classic NES controller upcycled into a docking station, instructions can be found here, It really genuinely doesn't look to complex to create and it almost looks like it was made with this in mind. This is one project that I think I'm going to have a serious go at re-creating.

Also worth mentioning because in the future I really want to have a crack at it is this bad boy,

Yeah that's totally a Gameboy external hardrive, how to do this unbelivable act you ask? Go here.

Friday, 2 November 2012


you can only take being told to politely fuck off so many times....

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Selective editing

Some times it can be rather difficult to edit words, especially when faced with awkward or contradictory restraints. For example, if i'm writing a short paragraph why would the two only rules be that I need two short sentences and three hundred words? Yeah 150 word sentences that's some real nice editing....

Also getting increasingly frustrated over not knowing where my print screen button is, my keyboard is in English layout but the keys are faced with the Spanish layout. Took two years to figure out how to do ~.